November 24, 2019

November 4, 2019

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Victorio & Fouego at the Longines Masters of Paris!

December 4, 2019

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A great intense weekend at LGCT of Cannes

June 12, 2016

This weekend of intense competition in Cannes, France,  is over and Jane has pulled off 2 great performances at the top of the charts.

On Friday she topped the third place after an impeccable round with Dieudonné de Guldenboom in the 145.
The benefits of this brilliant form were visible yesterday again during the LGCT  GP 160. It's been a great occasion to accumulate important ranking points and she hasn't passed it up!
Jane has gone through two beautiful and  brilliant rounds with her powerful big bay Dieudonné de Guldenboom, getting a final prestigious 9th place.
They really looked in total shape and allowed her fans to dream and spend an intense day.

Great results also from her husband, Ignace Philips, who was always placed in CSI 2* with both horses. With the grey mare Cubia from Carthago he won for three days the medium tour and with the bay I Survive de Kaluri he was always placed in high tour, with an outstanding 2nd place in 140 class against the clock on Saturday and a 3rd place in 135 classes on Thursday.

Great performances also from Jane's students and trainee, with placement for Sarah Berg in small tour and for Sandrine Berger in high tour!

It goes without saying that there is a busy day ahead. Jane will have to manage the crowd and supporters' expectations but the odd she will ride at her best are pretty high!




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