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Toscana Tour 2018

Sunday Gold GP 150 - 7th place with Ignace Philips

Thursday Gold 145 in two ph - 2nd place

Thursday Gold 140 a/clock - 7th place

Friday Gold 145 LR a/clock - winner

Thursday Silver 135 in two ph. - double clear

Thursday Silver 130 a/clock - clear and 14th place

Friday Silver 130 a/clock - 8th place

Jalanta P

Friday Silver 140 in two ph. - clear

Saturday Silver 140 in two phases - clear

Pablo de Virton

Thursday Gold 140 a/clock - 11th with Ignace Philips

Saturday Gold 140 a/clock - 3rd with Ignace Philips

Full results on Equipe App or at this link

Jalanta P in 140 Silver Tour

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