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9th place for Jane and Dieudonne in LGCT GP of Vienna!

Dieudonné and Jane did a very great job in this Longines Global Champions Tour Gran Prix of Vienna, penultimate leg of the series just before the final in Doha in November, closing with a 9th place after three rounds !

During the first two breathtaking rounds over the big fences in this demanding course designed by Frank Rothenberger's, Dieudonné and Jane were fast and clear, demonstrating full power, control and focus. Even if the courses were full of challenges like the short time allowed, the huge oxer as second element of the Longines triple combination, Dieudonné easily jumped every single fence adding an 11th name in the list of riders for the jump-off.

Last to go in jump-off, Jane pushed Dieudonné to the fences in tight turns to beat the time, but unluckily a pole went down just after a very light touch. But they were fast and so they closed at the 9th place, still a great result inside the top ten!

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