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National 5* Manerbio, Italy

The national 5* competition just held at the Palasturla in Manerbio has been a successful event full of placement for Jane, Ignace and the riders from the Madonnina Equestrian Center as well! Carla Colesta has been the real superstar, and here at this link the 135 class against the clock!

Carla Colesta with Jane

Saturday 5th place in 130 class in two phases

Sunday 2nd place in 135 against the clock

Friday 5h place in 140 class in two phases

Friday 6th place in 140 class in two phase

Ignace Philips

5 y.o. with Nixon de Guldenboom 3rd place on Friday and 1st place on Saturday

6 y.o. 1st place with Cortez Van't Klein Asdank Z on Friday and Saturday

140 in two phases - 6th place with Jidona

GP145 10th place with Jidona

Full results at this link.

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