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Let's start again the season !

First of all after this tragic lockdown our thought goes to all families affected by Covid and to everyone who faced this unprecedented critical situation.

Now, with courage, faith and hope that everyone have, we are trying to come back to normal life, looking forward to the future.

That’s why we started with a couple of national competitions close to our stable that would allow us to reinsert gradually our horses to the sport life.

It has been the occasion for our students and youngsters as well to start again their 2020 season in a relaxed way. For some young horses this has been the first outdoor competition and they all did great ! We're really proud to announce the wonderful performances of our "little" Ocean, the mare out of Jane's historical mount Jalla de Gavérie. She jumped amazing the 6 y.o. class, always clear, collecting several winning rounds !

We've decided to continue our summer season in Italy with some beautiful international shows at the Equieffe Equestrian Center and some national competitions in August at Le Siepi, by the sea !

See you in a couple of weeks At Gorla Minore for the Equieffe CSI2*1/1* ! Have a look to my calendar to see my next shows !


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