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The perfect Birthday present at LGCT Miami !

April 7th. Miami beach. LGCT 2nd leg.

The breathtaking Altantic shoreline at Miami Beach has provided the perfect backdrop to the best birthday ever and Foica van den Bisschop, jumping out this big heart, did the rest. With a 12th place for an amazing clear in 150/160 GCL Round II and a 19th place in LGCT GP 160 on Saturday, Jane received the biggest present and a wonderful day to celebrate her 35th birthday! Congratulations to Jane for this big achievement and happy birthday!

Foica was very good on Thursday as well, closing with a brilliant clear the first Round of GCL, a 150/160 class against the clock.

Clipper du Haut du Roy, at his first experiences in 5* competition, was very good in Miami as well, jumping amazing and demonstrating a big potential!

See you in two weeks at Shanghai for the LGCT 3rd leg !

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