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Time for national competitions just before New York !

This past weekend has been for Jane the occasion to bring young and new horses to a national competition in Tortona together with her husband, Ignace Philips, and the other riders from La Madonnina.

It has been a competition rich of success for everybody. On Sunday Ignace won the GP with Victorio des Grez, while Jane got a 7th place with Jalanta P and a 10th place with Carla Colesta. On Saturday Jane was 2nd in the small Grand Prix with the 7 y.o. Fouego de la Closière and 6th with Jalanta P in 140 class in two phases. On Friday she got a 5th place with Carla Colesta in 140 class against the clock and 5th place with Jalanta P as well in 135 class in two phases.

Full results at this link

A particular mention goes to Vittoria Fuser, the young talented rider called for the CSIO YR at Gorla Minore after winning, a couple of weeks ago, the GP test event aboard her chestnut mare Uriane de Fussigny. This weekend she was 3rd on Friday in her first ever Nations Cup and then she won yesterday the CSIO Grand Prix YR! Big congratulations from Jane, Ignace and Team for this big achievement!

Now it's time for the Longines Masters of New York and in two days we'll see Jane together with Calinesse de Guldenboom and Izmir van de Baeyenne !

Jalanta P in GP 145

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