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The perfect show !

The Milano Winter show has been a spectacular international venue full of results for Jane and the Madonnina riders.

With Dieudonné de Guldenboom Jane signed a first clear on day one and a second place on Saturday in 150 class after a perfect and fast jump-off

Clipper de haut du Roy back on track for his first indoor of the season was always clear and good, while Victorio des Grez was clear as well in big class the first day and qualified for the Sunday GP.

A great 3* venue finalized in the best way just before the big 5* show jumping events before Christmas. All results at this link

Next weekend Jane will be in a local show with Jalanta and a 5 years old mount, and then it will be time for The Longines Masters of Paris with Foica and Dieudonné!

Full results for Milano Winter Show event at this link

Dieudonné at the Milano Winter Show 2018

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