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Big success for Jane and Team at Toscana Tour !

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After the successful first week of competition at the Toscana Tour held at the wonderful facilities of the Arezzo Equestrian Center, Jane and her horses are ready again to flight high in this second week. Starting again on Tuesday with young horses, Jane collected a lot of achievements coming especially from her gelding chestnut Neptune de Muze.

Neptune de Muze was very good on first week as well, always placed without touching a pole and collecting a 5th, 7th and 6th place in 6 y.o. class reserved.

But the first week was full of results from other horses as well in Silver and Gold Tour.

Good news from grey mares as well: Carla Colesta got a 12th and a 10th in 135 class in two phases and in 140 class against the clock, 10 y.o. Jalanta P was clear and placed in 135 and 140 classes of Silver Tour

Dieudonné de Guldenboom, back on track, got a wonderful 4th place in 140 class in two phases on Sunday, while Victorio des Grez was clear and placed 11th

In Gold Tour great performances from Izmir and Kenia as well.

Aboard Izmir Jane signed a wonderful 5th place in 145 class against the clock held on Friday in the beautiful green Boccaccio arena qualifying for the Sunday GP 150 and with Kenia she was well placed for the Silver GP.

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