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Jane records a stunning performance at Mexico City !

It has been a super weekend for Jane at the second leg of LGCT where, aboard Clipper and Foica, she secured precious points for both individual ranking and Cannes Stars team! Foica van de Bisschop got a brilliant 11th place on Friday April 12th in 150 class against the clock but Clipper du Haut du Roy has been the real superstar at Mexico City, jumping easly the big fances built at the massive grass arena of Campo Marte in the heart f the city.

Clear on Saturday April 13th in 155/160 class and 2nd round of GCL Team Competition, clear again in LGCT GP160 where, even if 1 point fault on time precluded the access to the final Jump-off, the pair secured a wonderful 13th place propelling Jane at the 15th place of the overall LGCT Ranking!

See you then at the next stop at Miami Beach !!

Full results at this link


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