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Summer means Longines CSI5* of Ascona!

Full scheduling and event information at this link

Full results at this link

After the wonderful 9th place in the 155 class with jump-off at the 12th leg of LGCT held at the majestic Chantilly castle, Clipper du Haut du Roy is back at the historical CSI of Ascona, now at his 27th edition and proudly sponsored by Longines. Together with Clipper, Jane has brought this time in her homeland the well known gelding bay Dieudonné de Guldenboom and the young stallion Never Alone competing in small CSI2* classes.

Warm up and usual veterinary inspection today, while competitions will start tomorrow morning with CSI2* and in the afternoon, at 15:45, the 145 in two phases,first class for horses jumping the 5* event.

Fingers crosses and stay tuned!


Clipper du Haut du Roy at LGCT Chantilly

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