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3 winning rounds at the Equieffe National event

Only clear rounds for Jane & horses at the national event held at the Equieffe Equestrian Center near Milan. This past weekend has been a very intense and spectacular event for Jane and horses who went back to the Madonnina Equestrian Center with a lot of placements !

With the chestnut powerful mare Kenia, Jane signed the 2nd place in Sunday GP145 with Jump-off after closing a brilliant winning round in 140 class in two phases the day before and being clear and placed in 140 class a/clock on Friday

Always winning rounds on Saturday and Sunday for the 5 y.o. Oetsjakov at his first competitions under Jane's saddle. The grey mare Carla Colesta won the smal GP on Saturday and was placed at the 4th place in 135 class on Friday !A great success for this amazing show and last of the outdoor season!

Now getting ready and excited for the CSI2* indoor competition held at the Torrione Equestrian Center !

Full results at this link


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