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Back from a successful Sunshine Tour !

Jane, her husband Ignace Philips, their son Noah and the team from la Madonnina Equestrian Center are back from 2 weeks of successful Sunshine Tour. Held by the stunning facilities at Jerez de la Frontera, these 2 weeks of spectacular International competition under the Spanish sun have been a great opportunity for Jane and Ignace horses and a wonderful experience for their son!

Jane opened the CSI2* of first week with a remarkable success:

Winner in the first competition 145 with Fouego and 2nd with Carla Colesta in 140 class in two phases the first day, winner with Carla Colesta the day after in 140 class against the clock and with the 7 y.o. chestnut Neptune de Muze a wonderful 2nd place and an amazing winning round on Sunday !

In the second week, a 3* international event with a big demanding courses, we saw Carla and Fouego jumping like a star in their first Longines ranking and 150 classes!

Carla did an exceptional round in 150 class on Thursday while Fouego was even better, with a 6th placement in 150 class against the clock on Friday.

Carla was then placed in Small GP on Saturday while Fouego got the 7th place in GP 150 on Sunday!

Ignace and Noah also collected several placements as well as the riders from la Madonnina.

Video soon available on YouTube !


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