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The first week of Toscana Tour makes Philips family happy!

Brilliant start for Jane and her husband Ignace Philips in the first appointment with Toscana Tour.Together with the most famous mounts already seen in LGCT legs, they brought this year several young and new horses at their first international experience. A first important outdoor competition and a very big challenge.

Both Jane and Ignace collected several placements and victories, being placed in 7 yo class with I survive de Kalurie (winner of the first day) and Prima Luna, in 6 yo class with Cubia (winner of the first day), Jidona & Jamaica (always placed), Jolita and Juventu de Guldenboom, and finally in the 5 yo category with Katega II, and Ckeritto.

For the other horse this was the occasion for a first big outdoor event in a huge grass arena, and the reasults were great!

Jane collected a victory with Zekina Z in the big class of silver tour, another victory in the 140 class with H Blue Boy, a 8th place with Pablo in the 150 class in two phases qualifier for the GP and a final 6th place in the Gold GP 150With Ignace Philips., Quister was 6th with Ignace in the GP qualifier, closing the GP150 at the 13th place and Butterfly Chavannais got the 3rd position in the 140 class of gold tour against the clock.

Big congrats to Philips family and...looking forward to the results of next week and of the first LGCT leg in Miami in two weeks!

All the results here

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