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An impressive success for the first edition of CSI La Madonnina

The first edition of the international event held at La Madonnina equestrian center with Longines as official time keeper, has been a really great venue with grass and sand competitions reserved to young horses, ambassadors, riders competing in CSI1* and to the youngest ones.

The technical program set by Ignace Philips together with Jane had a special session for children and junior with national competitions 90cm and 100cm and a promotional show entirely dedicated to the youngest ones and their ponies with a first day of warm-up and 3 days of LP50 competitions! Really a great idea to involve the future of show-jumping in a special and fun event with a wonderful award ceremony in a friendly and beautiful environment!

A particular and amazing show schedule with a traditional derby class available in small, medium and big class in order to give the opportunity to everyone to test the stunning and huge grass arena surrounded by several beautiful trees!

The Final GP on Sunday has seen the victory of Jane aboard the powerful mare Calinesse de Guldenboom, a second place for the Canadian Wyndham St. John with her 8 yo gelding Erasure Sr. and a third position for the Brasilian Adir Abreu Junior and his 7 y.o.bay Calva Chiva Z. Ignace with with the 8 y.o. Jidona vh Dingenshof got the 5th place after winning the first big class on Thursday.

The second competition for the Europa Cup Final has been won by the german rider Ernst-Frieder Homberger on the 14th y.o. Cliff H, followed by the Italian Velia Angelini aboard her 12 y.o bay Ultrachic di Villagana and by Catherine Fowdrey, from UK, third with her 8 y.o. Emalia.

The young horses of Guldenboom stable did a really great job recording stunning performances and collecting several podium.

  • Jane aboard her grey 6 y.o. Fouego de la Closière from Nabab de Reve was always placed with a 2nd position on Thursday, a 3rdplace on Friday and a 3rd again on Sunday in the final class with jump-off

  • Ignace Philips with the 7 y.o. grey mare Carla Colesta won the first class in two phases on Thursday, was 5th on Friday and 2nd on Saturday in the final class with jump-off

  • The 7 y.o. gelding bay Albin Castelforte won both the Friday class against the clock and the Saturday class with jump-off

  • The 7 y.o. bay Kindra van de Boslandhoeve was 2nd on Thursday class in two phases

  • The 5 y.o. bay Cortez van't Klein Asdonk Z from Cornet Obolensky with Ignace Philips was always clear in all three days competition

Full results at this link

Thw Madonnina Equestrian Center website at this link

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